About - Event Video Filming
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Specialists in Live Streaming & Event Filming, indoors or out, in our fully equipped outside broadcast unit or install our portable video gallery in your venue, we look forward to filming your event in the highest quality, for the best value.


Our Live Event Filming:

Newly engineered purpose built trailer OB unit comprising a state of the art HD live production mixer, 8 full 4:2:2 HD-SDI or SDI inputs and outputs , live keying, PC or Mac input for graphics, slides & prerecorded video, HD & SD synchronous editing, full audio mixing desk, wired and wireless talkback, up to 8 HD broadcast cameras, cables & connectors supplied. Your comprehensive source for multicam hire & ‘OB scanner’ rental to live stream your corporate event, concert, lecture, or conference!


Our HD multicam equipment and crew are all your need to produce broadcast quality coverage of whatever event, TV programme, stage show, talk, sport or presentation for recording, broadcast or web live stream! For hire or rental now anywhere in the UK.


Our event filming kit – in the trailer or as flyaway PPU:

  • live 4K UHD & HD vision mixing, titling, editing & recording
    capable of up to 8 4K or HD-SDI inputs plus 4 options from DVI & analogue, so you can feed a computer output into the mix
  • Layout & functions like any other pro mixer so very easy to pick up & use, in broadcast quality UHD or HD 4:2:2
  • Wired & Wireless TALKBACK crew communications systems, for hire separately
  • GPI (Auto Take Contact Closure) Tally Connector
  • Full size Behringer MX3242 audio mixing desk (in trailer)
  • Dedicated Live Stream Equipment and Backend Workflow
  • The Vision Switcher is a very useful Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K, which works in or out of the ‘OB truck’


To arrange a free quote for your next project please click here or
call 07720 652 509



Please email us for a specific quote. We can supply everything to cover your concert, corporate event, multicam TV programme, feature shoot, conference, theatre performance, stage show, sports event, lecture or anything that would benefit from being shot from multiple angles. The live mixed camera shots together with graphics, titles, slides, pictures & more can then be sent live to screens at the venue, reocorded for DVD, or out to the internet as a live stream!


Cameras, Operators, Steadicam, Jib, Cranes, Director, Editors & more available with rental of our compact ‘OB truck’ or PPU flyaway.