Equipment Hire - Event Video Filming
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Equipment Hire

Most of our multicam equipment is available for dry hire as individual items. Check out what we have and guide prices below (VAT & delivery to be added):

Panasonic AV-HS400a HD/SD Vision Switcher – £200 pd

Industry standard broadcast quality vision mixer with extra SDI input board, allowing live mixing of up to 6 HD or SD sources.

Compact design with multi-format compatibility for use in studio or mobile production systems worldwide
– Multi-viewer function allows users to select and arrange each individual split-screen image
– Additional advanced features include picture-in-picture (PIP), luminance key, Aux Bus and downstream key (DSK) functions
– Designed with workflow-friendly functions including on-screen display of menus, SD Card slot for transferring still images and programmable user buttons
– Up to 43 transition effects, including 3D digital effects with page turns and rotations, as well as standard wipe, squeeze and slide patterns
– Modular interface includes Ethernet, RS-422 remote, Tally output and GPI input

Panasonic AV-HS400a in it’s flight case, ready to roll
Rear of the Av-HS400a, showing the additional extra HD-SDI input board

Talkback Systems – Eartec Wireless – £60 pd / Canford Tecpro – £40 pd


Crew communication is very important, especially when not everyone can see tallys, so we have recently invested in some snazzy wireless headsets which integrate seamlessly with our Canford Tecpro wired system! Both systems together allow 10 people on comms at once, either one channel or another, or both together!

Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q 4K/HD Monitor Recorder – £80 pd

The Odyssey 7Q is ana incredible little machine. Not only is it a fantastic 7″ HD monitor with HD-SDI and HDMI inputs, with all the scopes & tools you ever want, but it also records in a variety of formats in HD and 4K!But wait, theres more! A recent update means the Odyssey can take a full 4K source and allow you to mix & record three HD streams from it – making a multicam production from just one camera! We have also used the Odyssey 7Q as a very capable playback unit, playing in HD and even 4K which it downconverts internally, live!